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Engage Dr. Kimbro’s Charismatic Leadership and Management Expertise To Drive Change in Your Organization.

With decades of experience as both an academic researcher and a real-world practitioner of business, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Dr. Kimbro has worked with dozens of clients to help them develop strategies and find solutions to complex business and organizational challenges.

A lecturer and researcher in the fields of management, entrepreneurship, and human potential, Dr. Kimbro encourages his readers to look within to extract the keys that underlie all accomplishment.

Areas of Expertise



A strong culture is critical to success, and culture starts at the top. However, becoming a top-tier leader doesn’t happen overnight; learn how to draw people to your cause and inspire them by your mission.


Process Management

Know you have an amazing team, but still feel like your organization isn’t firing on all cylinders? Reduce friction and boost efficiency by making sure your processes are comprehensive, complementary, and integrated.



Even in this virtual and remote era, sales are about building relationships. The most important question isn’t always why a new customer didn’t place an order — it’s why an existing customer didn’t place a re-order.


Product Awareness

Developing a quality product is only half the battle. Make sure your customers know what your product is, and why they should choose you over the competition.


Customer Relationships

A good business makes sales — a great business builds relationships. Every interaction with a customer is a chance to make a good impression, tell your story, and leave them feeling inspired.

Half Day

For motivational consulting sessions with small groups, or for leading problem solving on small-to-medium business challenged.

Full Day

Accelerated and high-impact consulting sessions to help you, your team, or your division tackle business challenges big or small.

Two Day

In-depth multi-day sessions to help you find a path for solving your stickiest challenges and accomplishing your biggest business goals.

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